Kristin Jennings posing for a photo outside

Kristin Jennings

Account Associate

Growing up, Kristin was an avid reader and writer. She loved to tell stories and create compelling narratives for her middle, high school and college courses. As she grew into adulthood, Kristin realized her passion for storytelling could be cultivated through the digital space, as well as through written word. 

During college, she was an active member of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. It was there that she learned some very valuable life skills and tools. She was the Public Relations Chairman from 2020-2021 and she ran the sorority’s Instagram account. She built a solid foundation of friendships and connections throughout her time in ASA, some that continue to hold strong to this day.  

One of her strengths is her ability to listen and relate to her peers.

As Kristin approached her senior year, COVID made finding an internship very difficult. The struggle made her dig deep and think creatively. She pursued an idea she titled Kristin Jennings Intern DIY. This self-made internship focused her efforts on creating connections, improving her digital marketing abilities and sharing the stories of many professionals in the South Jersey area and beyond. This experience helped to shape Kristin into the professional she is today. 

After college, Kristin continued to tell stories through various voices. She focused her efforts on digital marketing, creating an array of infographics and copy for multiple companies. She also maintained the connections she made through college and her internship. 

Kristin values her connections throughout the South Jersey business community, and she makes an effort to help out any way she can. One of her strengths is her ability to listen and relate to her peers. She looks for opportunities to help others any way she can. Her compassion propels her team to flourish. 

Affiliations & Education

Kristin’s career began at West Chester University, where she pursued her love for Theater Arts. Within a year she changed course to Rowan University, where she earned degrees in public relations and advertising. 

Outside of Office

Kristin is a huge cat person. She often volunteers her time at a local cat shelter, and even has a rescue of her own, Evie. She is also a Taylor Swift superfan, and will talk your ear off on all things Swift-related.