The LBC Brand Means Our Crew Becomes Your Crew!

Laura Bishop launched Laura Bishop Communications in 2011 with a handful of clients, a strong work ethic, an entrepreneurial spirit, and charisma to connect it all. That solo initiative grew to include the LBC Crew: a dynamic, diverse, and talented team of professionals who fuel each other with energy and inspiration. We complement each other’s skill sets, and by working together, sparks fly!

Our synergy also means that every client benefits from the full Crew’s ideas, expertise, and support. LBC’s portfolio has expanded largely through networking and word-of-mouth, and the Crew has grown that way, too. We work together seamlessly from home offices that are spread throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia suburbs, where our clients are concentrated.

When you work with LBC, our team becomes your team!

What we do is described under our Services menu, and our Case Studies use storytelling to showcase the many ways we came, saw, and conquered. But how we do it is the LBC brand.

Become part of each client’s team.

We get to know our clients, help them develop ideas, and work side-by-side until the goal is met. We’re not so much on call as on board.

Sprint at the start.

LBC creates a concept, strategizes the elements, thinks through the timeline and keeps things moving so no one’s forced to rush toward a deadline.

Extra, able hands.

What good is a great idea if no one has time to put it into practice? LBC brings the creative ideas and the legwork to make them happen.

Tone checks.

You know what you want it to say, but how do you want it to make people feel? We are always, always, always thinking of tone.

Punch it up!

When you are short on time, your writing is likely short on emotion. We cushion facts and figures with energy and compassion.

Outside perspective.

When you’re mired in the middle of it, you really need an outsider’s voice. LBC brings that and the expertise that comes from experience. It might be your first rodeo, but it’s definitely not ours!