Krys Rossner headshot

Krys Rossner

Art Director

It was clear from a young age that Krys would venture into the vibrant world of art. Starting as a toddler, she kept busy drawing animals with 20 legs, sculpting miniature birds in their nests and doodling on every surface available (her bedroom walls were a testament to that). As she grew, her doodles evolved into intricate landscape drawings, drawings became paintings, paintings became sculptures … and her interest in art became a passion and an undeniable talent. 

In a world driven by all things digital, she cut her baby teeth on Kid Pix and at age 11 received a copy of Photoshop 6.0 from her tech-savvy dad. Every click and brushstroke moved her toward a flourishing career in design. 

Kry’s interest in art became a passion and an undeniable talent…

After high school, Krys took an entry-level graphics position in the advertising department of a local newspaper. She loved the hustle and bustle of the print environment and the camaraderie among her fellow designers, but what excited her most was the ability to essentially work with and lift up her neighbors – the small businesses, people and organizations that made up her community. 

Krys continues to blend what she values most with her craft and creativity as LBC’s first-ever Art Director. Whether sketching a graphic to visually communicate a call to action or meticulously creating cohesive brand identities, she brings a fresh perspective to each project. Her skills further elevate LBC’s professional products and services.  

Having successfully navigated agency, in-house and freelance roles in the past, Krys has developed a strong understanding of how to effectively communicate through a voice and visuals that feel authentic to each client. She has many tools in her toolbox to wow clients and reach their strategic communications goals. Those include illustration, copywriting, photography and web design in addition to a professionalism that includes patience and adaptability. 

Her own goal as she approaches her role with LBC is to provide creative expertise and have fun along the way. 

Affiliations & Education

While in high school, Krys enrolled in three years of Young Artist workshops at Moore College of Art and Design – which gave her the foundation and courage to become a self-taught graphic designer. Krys artistic mind works in creative ways that one cannot credit to a degree or a certification (although a degree is on her bucket list). Her abilities are truly one of a kind.  

Outside of Office

Krys says her biggest skill is that she is physically incapable of getting lost.When she’s not chasing after her son, Luke, or fishing out tiger beetle larvae with her entomologist husband, Kyle, Krys likes to spend her free time working on natural science illustrations, watching anything David Attenborough (her son calls the DVD player “David”), and getting up close and personal with the mosses and ferns she finds on hikes.