Case Study

Takeover-Style Instagram Series Introduces Community to New Superintendent

Bound Brook Social Media Logo

“Dr. Freeman Fridays” Connect Bound Brook’s Superintendent on Social Media


With a superintendent new to the district, LBC recognized the need to creatively introduce him to the Bound Brook School District and respective community. LBC also understood the importance of building a foundation for two-way communication during this transition period with the Bound Brook school community. LBC and the district sought an opportunity to showcase its commitment to boost communication and maintain an active role in the school community through social media.


We knew a takeover-style Instagram series was fitting when we first met Dr. Alvin Freeman and saw his natural confidence paired with a personable nature. Strategic use of social media through takeovers could position Dr. Freeman as trustworthy in the eyes of the school community. Stakeholders would gain confidence in the Bound Brook Brilliance – a culmination of the cultures and ideals that make Bound Brook School District exceptional. The only thing left was a catchy name that spoke to consistency and reliability: Dr. Freeman Friday!

Parents and community members submit questions via a Google Form in the days leading up to Dr. Freeman Friday. Questions have ranged from “what was your favorite subject in school?” to “could we decorate our graduation caps?” – a wish 2023 graduates were granted thanks to Dr. Freeman Friday.

In one takeover, a senior reflected on being an immigrant and how the Bound Brook School District empowered her for success in college, where she will pursue a law degree. Another takeover featured special guests Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan, commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Education, and Mr. Roger Jinks, Somerset County interim executive superintendent.


Dr. Freeman Friday consistently reaches about 185 viewers – hitting its peak of 217 accounts in February. Viewers routinely praise the takeovers in comments, likes and even verbally at some events. Comments like “Mi favorito“ and “This is a great idea! [clap emoji]” proved Dr. Freeman Friday was working and resonated with the audience. More than answering questions, Dr. Freeman successfully revealed his engaging personality to the Bound Brook community. Takeovers have become a staple of the communications plan, helping bolster the perception of the school leader and district. 

Dr. Freeman