Case Study

District’s Pencil Logos Point to Preparation

Back-to-School Design Evolves Into Flexible Graphic


Working with Laura Bishop Communications, Kenilworth Public Schools created a number of reopening materials ahead of the 2020-2021 school year. LBC designed a “Fall 2020” logo to anchor information about health protocols, scheduling, academic plans and more. But by September, district leaders wanted a hashtag or tagline that could carry through the year and reassure the school community about its preparation. Of course, another graphic would be a bonus.


LBC continued the brand recognition from the “Fall 2020” logo by plucking a pencil used in the original design. An individual pencil, set against the same green school-themed background, became a flexible graphic to promote the new #KenilworthReady tagline. The year began with a bright yellow pencil that read “#KenilworthReady for September,” and expanded to messages such as “#KenilworthReady to Zoom!” and “#KenilworthReady for Innovation.”

The K-12 Union County district used the logos in parent emails, on its website and in social media posts. Messages were refreshed and rotated throughout the school year, helping define Kenilworth’s can-do approach to COVID challenges.


In a year when technology was essential, Kenilworth got a lot of mileage out of an old-school pencil that evolved from an existing graphic. The district earned kudos from parents and teachers for its consistent, clear and positive communication. The #KenilworthReady messages helped provide much-needed reassurance.

Colorful pencil icon with inspirational message
Colorful pencil icon with inspirational message

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