Case Study

A Reimagined School Calendar

Ramsey school district’s logo

Ramsey Puts Pride on Display with Fun, but Functional Calendar


Ramsey School District’s previous approach to the district-wide academic calendar used Google Sheets and felt lackluster and ordinary. The district enlisted the help of LBC to redesign the calendar. The goal was to be informative, but we set the bar higher to develop one with visual, brand-boosting appeal.


We made developing the academic calendar a collaborative process. We began by surveying parents and guardians to see which school closures are most important to them. The administrative team used this feedback to construct the calendar.

We aimed to reflect the community in the design elements as well. We used the Ram mascot and the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate Pyramid, paired with the district’s signature navy and gold colors, to make it easy to distinguish the Ramsey brand in the new district calendar.

​We also incorporated photos of student musicians, athletes and scholars (of all ages) on the outskirts of the design to reflect the pieces that make up the Ramsey Experience.  

Additionally, subtle reminders of social media handles and hashtags invited parents to further connect with the school district. The website hosts a digital version with live links to social media platforms, and a list of state-approved holidays enhanced its interactivity.


The end result balances the utility of a school calendar with thoughtful design choices. It boasts an easy-to-follow key to mark school closures, professional development days, homework-free weekends and minimum days (early dismissals). The calendar is no longer mundane. It is a friendly piece of marketing collateral representing who Ramsey is – not only as a district, but as a community.  

Image of Ramsey School District’s district-wide calendar
Image of Ramsey School District’s district-wide calendar