Case Study

Partnership Shows Government in a New Light

Media Coverage Focuses on Environmental Support


The government of Middle Township, N.J., has a valued and longstanding partnership with the environmental groups that preserve local beaches along the Delaware Bay. Township officials support the stewards’ efforts with legislative measures, such as banning vehicles on the beach, and other assistance as needed. Middle Township expressed interest in highlighting the groups’ good work and their collaboration with the municipal government. But there was no timely angle, no compelling “hook” to tell the story.  


Laura Bishop Communications stayed on the lookout for storytelling opportunities. One came on short notice as the American Littoral Society announced an Earth Day dune-grass planting and beach cleanup event. Middle Township’s mayor and business administrator volunteered to help. We quickly had our hook – and photos that illustrated the partnership. 

LBC interviewed some of the environmental leaders to add dimension to a press release. We explained how the groups’ beach-restoration projects maintained a migratory phenomenon: By preserving horseshoe crab habitats, they ensure that the ecotourism-boosting red knot shorebirds keep visiting the beaches. The group leaders also spoke about their partnership with Middle Township. 


The horseshoe crabs attracted more than birds: The media followed up, too. Environmental publications including EnviroPolitics and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary Newsletter were among several news outlets that reported the story, including the officials’ involvement. Between the lines of a story about nature and beach projects, readers learned a lot about Middle Township’s values. 

Middle Township Earth Day

Middle Township Mayor Tim Donohue and Business Administrator Kim Krauss volunteered to participate in the American Littoral Society’s Earth Day event.

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